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A Personal Message from Owner, Dustin Dove

Many people believe that the solution to hearing loss is simply a hearing aid.

However, by assisting thousands of Idahoans achieve better hearing over the last 15 years, I’ve learned the most important part of the jigsaw is working with the right hearing expert.

That’s why we created Dove Hearing Center–to combine highly convenient service with premium and compassionate care.

Through a variety of appointment settings including in-office, in-home, assisted living facilities, and community clinics, we’ve had the pleasure of helping our community connect once again with the life they love.

Hand on heart, my promise to you is that if you’re looking for hearing experts that you can trust for yourself or a loved one, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you have a question, need some guidance, or would like to discuss your unique set of circumstances, we’re here to help!

Simply request a callback by clicking here or call us at (208) 369-4307.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

How We Can Help

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When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

Hearing Assessments

The data is truly horrifying. Hearing loss is now the third most common physical health condition in the US, impacting 1 in 8 people, with the World Health Organization predicting that it will double by 2050.

Yet although we all regularly have our eyes tested, our teeth checked, and a yearly physical, regular hearing assessments are rarely seen as a priority.

But with hearing loss being irreversible and very difficult to self-diagnose due to the slow and gradual decline, it’s never been more important to have your hearing regularly tested.

Through Dove Hearing Center’s in-home or in-office options, it’s never been easier to have your or your loved one’s hearing tested.

signia hearing aid with protective case

Small and Discreet Hearing Aids That Are Hardly Noticeable

Hearing Aid Technology

Today’s hearing aids have significantly changed from the old, clunky devices that you may remember your grandparents wearing, with today’s devices being small, discreet, and in some cases, even invisible.

With the latest technology having rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connectivity, you can stream music, audio, and phone calls directly from your cell, television, or computer into your ears, ensuring that the latest devices don’t just amplify your hearing but also amplify your life.

With your convenience being a key priority, our pricing is honest, transparent, and simple, ensuring that you can step into better hearing without any surprises.

Dove Hearing Center mobile hearing care clinic

Hearing Care That Travels to You with In-Home or In-Office Appointments Available

Mobile Service

Traveling across town and sitting in waiting rooms is rarely fun, especially in today’s world. That’s why Dove Hearing Center has the option of a mobile clinic that travels to you to offer comprehensive hearing care, cleanings, and repairs.

With great relationships with many local employers for industrial hearing screenings and many assisted living facilities that require hearing care that travels to residents, you can benefit from a most respected hearing expert that travels to you.

With the option of in-home or in-office appointments available, you can benefit from the most convenient hearing care in West Idaho and eastern Oregon.

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With so many myths and misconceptions, it can be difficult to understand who you can trust or what you should do.

That’s why, if you have a question or need any advice, you can request a callback by completing this form. A member of our team will then call you for a friendly and no-obligation conversation to help.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a silly question!

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What Are The First Signs Of Hearing Loss?

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How We’re Continuing to Keep You Safe During Your Visit

How We’re Continuing to Keep You Safe During Your Visit

To continue to protect you, other patients, and staff, strict protocols remain in place to ensure you visit a safe and sterile environment. These include: #1 – Curb-Side Appointments Available For patients that would prefer to stay in their vehicles during these...

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The Importance Of Using Hearing Protection

The Importance Of Using Hearing Protection

More than 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults from the ages of 12 to 35 years old are at risk of hearing loss due to their exposure to damaging levels of noise during recreational activities and the use of personal audio devices, according to the World Health...

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