Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Hearing devices that stop working can sometimes be repaired at home with some troubleshooting. When the damage is extensive, the hands of a skilled professional is a better option. Dove Hearing Center provides hearing aid users a viable choice when dealing with defective or malfunctioning parts. Hearing professionals aim to meet or exceed the high expectations for hearing aid repairs.

Maintenance and cleaning

Hearing aid problems usually occur from inconsistent maintenance routines. Normal cleanings will prevent a lot of small problems that occur with hearing device ownership. Creating and following a care schedule is the best way to keep hearing aids in great shape. It’s also a passive way to check for other small problems that prevent the device from functioning at full capacity. Minor device issues can turn into permanent hardware damage when they’re ignored. That is why timely maintenance is the best way to ensure the longevity of a hearing device.

Common problems

Earwax normally comes out on its own when there are no obstructions in the ear canal. When hearing aids are worn, earwax that would normally fall out has nowhere to go. Over time, excess wax collects in the ear canal and around the hearing aid components. Once this happens, the sound quality diminishes until the blockage is cleared.

The more advanced hearing devices become, the more settings there are to deal with. Hearing aid settings are automatically adjusted during the initial fitting. Wearers that change the adjustments through an app or on the hearing aid itself may face problems.

Professional repair services

Minor device problems can be cleared up with regular maintenance and care. Cleaning a hearing aid using the provided instructions does not void the warranty. When the damage is beyond normal repair procedures, a visit to the clinic is recommended.

Onsite repair handles the most common hearing device damage. Any damage that can’t be handled at the clinic is sent off to the manufacturer for a full repair. While the main device undergoes restoration, hearing professionals offer loaner hearing aids as needed.

Loaner hearing aids are not guaranteed to have the same features or styles of the model being repaired. But the devices are a positive gain for wearers that need to maintain current hearing treatments.