Top FAQs About Hearing Tests

a hearing specialist is testing her patient's hearing

Hearing tests are assessments used to check how well you can hear and identify changes in your hearing. If you have a hearing test booked, or you’re thinking about making an appointment, you may have questions about what the appointment entails and why it’s important. Here are some FAQs to provide you with all the information you need. 

What happens during a hearing test?

A hearing test is an examination, which involves using a series of assessments to determine how well you can hear. When you have a hearing test, you will be asked to respond to different noises and sounds and a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) will also examine your ears and ask you questions about your hearing and any signs or symptoms you have experienced, which may be related to hearing loss or tinnitus.

It’s important to remember that a hearing test is designed to provide information about your hearing. The tests are simple, they won’t cause you any pain and there is no right or wrong answer. When you arrive for your test, you will be told exactly what is going to happen so that you know what to expect. You can ask as many questions as you like. 

How long does a hearing test take?

Typically, it takes around an hour to complete the appointment. This will include introducing the tests, explaining how they work and discussing the results at the end. 

How can I prepare for a hearing test?

You don’t need to prepare for a hearing test. All you need to do is bring your medical records with you and answer some simple questions about your health and your hearing when you arrive at your appointment.

If you have questions about the assessment or your hearing in general, it’s a good idea to write them down and bring the list with you so that you don’t forget anything during the appointment. You may want to bring a pen and a notepad with you if you want to write down any notes or information after speaking to a hearing instrument specialist. 

How often should I have a hearing test?

The answer to this question varies, according to the individual. Typically, adults should have a hearing test every one to five years, depending on their age and their hearing capabilities. If you have already been diagnosed with hearing loss, you may be advised to schedule annual checks. It is important to note that if you detect any changes in your hearing, you should call and arrange an appointment, rather than waiting for your next scheduled check-up.

What happens if my tests show that I have hearing loss?

It’s natural to have concerns about the results of your hearing tests, especially if you have been struggling to hear people on the phone, you keep having to turn the volume on the TV or the radio up. If your test results show that you have hearing loss, there are various options. The most critical step is to determine the cause and check if it is treatable. In some cases, hearing loss is temporary, and it can be linked to infections or blockages caused by excess earwax.

If you have hearing loss and there is not a treatable cause, a hearing instrument specialist will discuss your options with you. Hearing aids are a common treatment for hearing loss. There are several types of hearing aids available, and a HIS can explore different kinds with you to determine which type will suit you best. 

What happens next?

If you have signs of hearing loss, the next step will be to determine suitable treatment options. If hearing aids are the best option, you can learn more about how they work, explore different types and gather as much information as possible before deciding which hearing aids to choose.

A HIS can answer questions for you and provide recommendations based on the results of your hearing tests, your lifestyle and your personal preferences. The next step will be to arrange a hearing aid fitting. 

Hearing tests are used to check your hearing and identify any signs of decline or hearing loss. When you have a hearing test, you will undertake a series of simple assessments and a hearing instrument specialist will discuss the results with you. Hearing tests usually take around one hour and there is nothing to be worried or anxious about.

If you have any other questions about hearing tests, or you’re unsure whether or not you need to make an appointment for a hearing test, don’t hesitate to contact Dove Hearing Center LLC. Call us today at 208-369-4307.